> Conferences, seminars and meetings


> Themed events


> Child events


> Social events


> Team building and training


> Product launch


> Fairs


> Support on decoration, audiovisuals, event logistics and logistic management at the point of sale with daily reports.


> We create / convert conventional training programs to a more attractive method of learning.


The e-learning, b-learning and m-learning methods allow a cost effective approach to vocational training. It’s a flexible tutoring system, available 24/7,

and it’s ideal for a modular based approach to created and update contents.


We employ multiple software solutions to create increase the impact of your presentations. We’re original and create motivational presentations.



We support your company with tailor made courses. E-learning vocational training that's adjusted to your company and  employee’s needs.



Time management

1. What is time management

2. The value of the time

3. Myths related to time management

4. Priorities

5. Daily and weekly plans

6. Time Wasting


Team Management

1. What are groups / teams?

2. The constantly changing group systems

3. Strategies to increase group effectiveness


Working with difficult people

1. People profiles

2. Know your limits

3. When and how to fallback

4. Resisting temptations

5. Be empathetic/understanding


Stress Management

1. Dealing with everyday life

2. Professional versus personal life

3. Meeting deadlines

4. Sorting tasks and duties


Knowing how to influence, delegate and lead

1. The importance of sharing knowledge

2. Leadership as accountability

3. Co-operation as a path to success

4. Persuasive writing


Schedule Management

1. Understanding effective planning systems

2. Prioritizing tasks

3. Deadline planning

4. Database systematization

Effective Meetings

1. Agenda

2. Timetable planning

3. Margin for the unforeseeable


Copyright and new technologies

1. Authors Copyright

2. Public and Private Copyrights

3. Creative Commons

4. Copyright

5. How to register work


New educational technologies

1. Training space and new technologies

2. Smart Board

3. Different learning methods

4. Media employment


Any seminar and workshop will be presented on web conference format. We have an excellent platform that allows simultaneous 30 participants, including video, audio and framework for explanations and exhibition materials.

Notes and effective study

1. taking effective notes

2. how to sumarize notes

3. Learning Styles

4. Create notes depending on your style


Lesson plans and meet objectives

1. Time management

2. Planing and scheduling tasks

3. Objectify the intended results


Preparing  papers and theses

1. Papers/thesis planning

2. Information collection and summarization

3. How to equate a problem

4. How to solve the problem

5. References


CV's preparation

1. What should and shouldn’t be on a CV

2. The importance of social factors

3. Highlighting skills

4. Objective oriented CV


Job interviews

1. How to prepare for an interview

2. What to ask

3. Successful answers


Reply to job advertisements

1. The importance of the letter

2. Highlighting your skills

3. How to deliver the letter


Portuguese / English / French

1. Quick workshops to brush up the required language

2. Video conferencing in real time.


> A virtual assistant’s moral and ethical standards are no different from those of a professional secretary.


Thus ASP’s (Associação de Secretárias Profissionais) code of conduct retains its force and actuality.


We stand by all aspects of the professional secretarial profile referred in the aforementioned document.


As was written by Fernando Pessoa, through the voice of his heteronym Bernardo Soares, in The Book of Disquiet:


 “And I return to an other’s house, to the spacious office in the

Rua dos Douradores, the way some return to their homes.

I approach my desk as if it were a bulwark against life.”


Each VA Pack corresponds to a type of VA work and it also corresponds to a specific VA profile.


              > In the Basic VA Pack there is a receptionist assistant.


              > In the Executive VA Pack there is a managing VA.


              > Finally in the role of the Executive VA Pack there is a PA of the advisory bodies of businesses.


With the different VA profiles ECOS meets the needs of the market for a specific service.


It is also possible to contract services outside the main VA Packs. In these cases it is suggested to consult the tables of our services and prices or request a budget (with no cost to the customer).

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